Holiday Gift Challenges Solved by theatreWashington’s tixCertificates!

Sandy Bass


The Gift of Live Theatre—The Gift of Experiences Never To Be Forgotten

November 18, 2014 – With tixCertificates, theatreWashington provides the ideal solution for the practical shopper intent on making the purchase that will never be re-gifted. Purchased in $20 denominations, tixCertificates can be redeemed at more than 40 professional theatres across the Washington, DC region.

The recipient of a tixCertificate can choose from musicals, dramas, comedies, children’s theatre, and experimental projects that defy genres. They can attend a swanky evening downtown or visit a storefront theatre in their own neighborhood. The giver of a tixCertificate enjoys a win-win situation: they’ve given a flexible gift that anyone can enjoy, and they’ve given a gift that is meaningful and personal – the gift of a theatre experience that will become a lifelong memory.

theatreWashington President and CEO Linda Levy explained, “We've been selling tixCertificates for almost a decade now. I don’t know who’s more grateful, the shoppers who discover something so completely practical and so completely meaningful at the same time, or the folks who receive a tixCertificate and know they've got some fun choices to make about where to spend it. And, of course, tixCertificates fit perfectly in a stocking!”

tixCertificates are available online at or by calling 202.337.4572.


Together, with the region’s dynamic professional theatre community, theatreWashington creates and invigorates audiences, strengthens the region’s theatrical workforce, and celebrates excellence on Washington stages to build and an even more vibrant community for all.